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Yearly Archives: 2019

Strange Car Smells Are A Warnings

Strange car smells are a Warning that something is wrong. When funky aromas emerge from a vehicle, initially look under the seats for fast food bags. If the inside of the car isn't the source of the odor, then start thinking about other parts of the vehicle and consider any mechanical troubles ahead. At Ultimate…
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Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman’s Life

Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman's Life When Her Car Fell 7 Stories From Inside a Parking Garage. Video of a car falling seven stories and then crashing into the ground makes it clear just how lucky the driver was to survive, and the dramatic footage hints at how the car may have helped…
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Important Answers about Car Crash Safety

Important Answers about Car Crash Safety At Ultimate Auto Body, located in Bedford Hills, Mt. Vernon, Peekskill & Bronxville we always like to stay current on all of the breaking news about car safety—which is something that seems to come out every day. Driving safely is still the major reason why there are fewer car accidents—but…
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