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  • Black Ice

    We’ve all heard the term but just what is it?
    While not truly black, it is virtually transparent allowing the black roadway below to be seen, hence the term “black ice”. Because we can’t see it, we can become victims of the potentially hazardous conditions.

    So what causes it?Black ice
    At temperatures below freezing black ice can form on roadways when the moisture from automobile exhaust condenses on the road surface and delays the formation of ice.
    On the other hand, black ice may form even when the ambient temperature is several degrees above the freezing point of water if the air warms suddenly after a prolonged cold spell leaving the surface of the roadway well below the freezing point temperature.
    In either case the results are the same; a thin layer of invisible ice on the roadway making driving or walking extremely treacherous.
    What can you do about it? Be mindful that when it the weather is cold and damp, conditions can become hazardous quickly.
    Best Advice, Slow Down!

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