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  • Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman’s Life When Her Car Fell 7 Stories From Inside a Parking Garage

    Video of a car falling seven stories and then crashing into the ground makes it clear just how lucky the driver was to survive, and the dramatic footage hints at how the car may have helped protect her.

    Austin, Texas, police released the video of the 2014 BMW 428i hardtop convertible plunging nose first, hitting the ground, clipping an SUV, and coming to rest upside down.

    “Despite the unique circumstances of this crash, this driver likely benefited from years of automakers optimizing the cabin for frontal crash protection,” says Jennifer Stockburger, director of operations at Consumer Reports. “The way she landed is really the extreme test of the frontal crash systems,” Stockburger says. “This crash speaks to how robust vehicles are now, in terms of occupant protection.”

    See Video Here

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    People Less Likely To Wear Seat Belts In Back Seat Putting Themselves, Front Seat Passengers At Risk

    Seat belts can save lives, but a new report finds many people choose not to wear them when riding them in the back seat.

    A new report from the IIHS which found that while 91 percent of people always their seat belt in the front, only 72 percent use it in the back seat. That number drops to 57 percent when traveling in cabs and ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft…

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    Important Answers about Car Crash Safety

    At Ultimate Auto Body, located in Bedford Hills, Mt. Vernon, Peekskill & Bronxville we always like to stay current on all of the breaking news about car safety—which is something that seems to come out every day. Driving safely is still the major reason why there are fewer car accidents—but crashworthy vehicles also save many lives every day. By focusing intently on things such as occupant protection, this helps to cut down the number of fatal and severe injuries that occur in this country every day. In fact, carmakers are making all the correct moves when it comes to car crash safety.

    By acutely increasing its research efforts, and dramatically upgrading their test processes for gauging car safety, vehicle manufacturers are pleased to report that safety does not happen strictly by accident! Current research includes new and better vehicle design, safety countermeasures and equipment to enhance occupant safety, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA).

     Did you know that alternative fuel vehicles are safer than cars that run on gas?

    The NHTSA reports that alternative cars are now safer than ever, but there is still more testing required. To make certain that alternative fuel vehicles reach a level of safety comparable to that of other conventional vehicles requires in-depth research, due to the huge amount of advanced and unique technologies that have not been tested yet within the personal transportation segment.

    Did you also know that your kids are also safer in today’s newer cars, vans and trucks?

    Child safety crashworthiness is better than ever, due to cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive studies conducted by almost all of the car manufacturers in the world. In addition, the NHTSA has been extremely proactive in publicizing child safety by developing new regulations and promoting open communication concerning myriad problems associated with the widespread use of booster seats.

    Finally, are your rear seat occupants safer today than previously, according to the NHTSA? 

    Front-row driver and passenger protection in frontal crashes has improved due to notable recent developments in restraint performance and vehicle crashworthiness. This movement is driven in part by the manufacturers’ efforts to enhance vehicle scores in crash tests. Passengers in the rear seat have not seen the same improvements when compared to their front seat counterparts. The NHTSA is carefully studying different technologies to more fully understand the potential of these front seat technologies in the rear seat.

    Today’s cars are so much safer today that crash fatalities are at an all-time low—which is good news for those of us driving throughout NY. There is more technology in the original moon landing module than there is in many of our modern cars, and much of it has been designed for driver and occupant safety. For example, many of the new Mercedes-Benz models feature more than 130 cameras and sensors! Can you believe that?

    But, the human element is still out there on the road—even here in NY. So until we can rely 100% on autonomous vehicles, please be safe and drive smart. By knowing that all of the newer cars out there are safer than anything made previously, at least you can rest assured that you’re protected by many systems within your vehicle if you own a newer car.

    Sources: NHTSA, Edmunds and Drive

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    Bad Moves Committed by Boorish Drivers

    If you visit other cities in this country, you have learned that bad driving etiquette isn’t just exclusive to Bedford Hills. Bad moves executed by boorish drivers have become more than just a trend; it’s now a full-blown, over-the-top, crazed and chaotic situation and we see the results of it often here at Ultimate Auto Body.

    Automotive fatalities are down, because cars are safer. But, there are more fender benders and minor accidents in all of our major cities, because haphazard, over aggressive driving that simply lacks common sense has become the norm.

    Here is our list of Bad Moves Committed by Boorish Drivers. Does that mean that they’re bad people? Probably not, but if their next boorish move might threaten your safety, well, that’s a different matter completely.

    “Nudging” pedestrians

    Involves drivers coaxing pedestrians who are trying to cross a crosswalk by honking or crowding them.


    This is at an all-time high, especially with today’s cars that are so much faster and with more people rushing around. In most cases, the driver tailgating is trying to speed things up, but most people don’t respond positively to tailgaters. In fact, many folks say they slow down when people start tailgating their vehicle. It’s a foolish practice, because if the car in front slows down for whatever reason, the tailgater does not have sufficient time to react.

    Driving slow

    Speeding is always potentially perilous, but people who drive considerably under the speed limit are just as dangerous. If you know that you drive too slow, stay off the highway or at least drive in the slow lane as often as you can. People who drive 20 miles under the limit in the fast lane can cause major bottlenecks and even worse–serious accidents.

    Double parking

    Double-parked vehicles can negatively impact the flow of traffic, causing other motorists to find their way around them. For commercial vehicles, double parking is considered kosher even though it is always illegal. But, too many people double park just because they’re lazy and don’t want to spend the time or effort to find a parking space.

    Driving in busy areas with high beams on

    Honking Craze

    At night, your high beans can blind oncoming traffic, making it more difficult for vehicles to safely see where they’re headed. If your standard beams don’t illuminate the road enough, get new ones, but keep your brights off whenever there are other cars in your vicinity.

    Refusing to yield right-of-way to other vehicles

    Merging means entering the lane without impeding the traffic that’s already there, but some people hear the word merge and they immediately think Banzai!

    Changing lanes without using signals

    This patented move causes more accidents than you would ever imagine. It comes down to simple communication between drivers and a surprise, unanticipated lane change can lead to serious, multi-car collisions.

    These are just a few obtuse bad moves committed by boorish drivers and we could come up with at least a dozen more rather easily. Hopefully, if enough people can read this list and take it to heart, drivers here in NY, will help to make it a less dangerous state for everyone on the road.

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    Strange Car Smells are Also Warnings

    When funky aromas emerge from a vehicle, initially look under the seats for fast food bags. If the inside of the car isn’t the source of the odor, then start thinking about other parts of the vehicle and consider any mechanical troubles ahead.

    At Ultimate Auto Body, we want to make sure our customers and local Bedford Hills, Mt. Vernon, Peekskill & Bronxville drivers are aware of the ins and outs of their car. That includes knowing when there’s an issue based on what smell the car is making. Here are six significant smells to learn about, offered by Ultimate Auto Body, a service department that truly cares.

    Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

    If you smell rotten eggs, it might mean that your catalytic converter is not properly processing hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust. Whenever this occurs, don’t freak out, just call us and we can diagnose the problem rather quickly.

    Maple Syrup

    If you’re getting a sweet scent after your engine has been idling for a short time, coolant containing ethylene glycol might just be leaking from your radiator, faulty intake manifold gasket or a cylinder head. If the odor is really strong while sitting in the car, this might mean that the problem is related to the heater core. In both scenarios, you’ll need to have one of our technicians to diagnose the problem and look into the issue.Take care of that stinky car!

    Burnt Paper

    The aroma of burnt paper is never pleasant, especially when it happens while you’re changing gears. This odorous moment might be a clear sign that your clutch facing is burning off as the clutch slips. This can occur if the driver is “riding” the clutch and stepping too much on the pedal–which causes considerable friction. This friction generates more than enough heat to literally burn the paper-based clutch facings, which produces the smell and can cause the entire clutch to fail.

    Charred Oil

    Smelling burnt oil? The first move is to check your oil’s dipstick. Burnt oil means that you might be running out of oil or your engine could also be too hot. If you have enough oil and your temperature is normal, take a look for oil leaks and then check your transmission fluid. If it’s low, it is likely burning in the transmission because the gears aren’t properly lubricated and are causing massive friction. Also be certain that you’re using the proper type of engine oil that is suggested by the manufacturer and designed for your car.

    Musty Closet

    If you flip on the heater or air conditioner and it smells like a musty closet or a wet carpet, you could have mildew accumulating inside your air conditioning evaporator. Without hesitation, shut down the A/C and turn on just the fan to hopefully dry it out and alleviate the situation.

    Burnt Carpet

    A burnt carpet smell, especially after over working your brakes, could mean that your vehicle’s brake pads are pistol hot. Even worse, you left the hand brake on. Take your vehicle to a mechanic to replace the worn brake pads.

    By sniffing around for these odorous warnings, you can get your vehicle hopefully to a service center pronto in order to diagnose the source. And if you’re in close proximity to us, we’d love to help you in any way we can. One of our certified technicians can surmise what these foul odors can mean, but by staying vigilant and putting your nose to work, you too can discover the source.

    Sources: Wikipedia, Car Sense and AAA

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    Tough Driving Conversations with Seniors in Your Life

    If you have parents in their sunset years of life and you’re noticing that their driving skills have started to deteriorate, maybe it is time to have that conversation. Here at Ultimate Auto Body, we know initiating a dialog about safe driving with an older driver, especially a parent, is challenging and emotional to say the least. Concerns about offending or alienating an older driver are completely understandable. There is no easy way to deal with this subject, but if you want to help maintain the older driver’s independence and mobility, hard questions will need to be asked and answered. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful (and gentle) suggestions for how to deal with this family dilemma when it occurs.

    Be honest but compassionate. No one wants to be informed of the fact that they are an unsafe driver, so stay clear from general statements about older drivers. Be positive and supportive and always focus on ways to help them as they work with you to make a life-changing decision.

    Interventions rarely work. Keep the conversation between you and the older driver who you want to help. Inviting the entire family to the conversation will alienate and possibly anger the person you’re trying to assist. Most interventions do not work, based on national statistics.

    Make privacy a main concern. Always ask for consent to speak with an older driver’s doctors, associates or neighbors about the driver’s behavior behind the wheel.

    Never assume anything. Focus on the hard facts, such as a medical condition or physical limitations that might make driving unsafe. Do not blame an older driver for being unsafe or conclude that their driving should be terminated. If you can explain that it’s better for the entire community to get them off the road, they might listen and relent.

    Provide a viable alternative. With Uber, Lyft and other new transportation alternatives, in addition to public transportation, there are more and more options for seniors to consider. So, whenever you tell any senior that it is time to stop driving, put together a plan and a strategy. That way, they won’t feel abandoned and the transition will be less stressful for all parties involved.

    We all get old and unless you’ve figured out a way to slow down Mr. Time, it’s unavoidable. The driving privilege that so many people enjoy can be abruptly terminated by an accident or an injury, so please proactively communicate with the senior drivers in your life. Here in Bedford Hills and all over NY, senior drivers and their families are making tough decisions every day.

    So, try to make it an easy process for your parents, grandparents or anyone else who is ready to step away from those years behind the wheel. By leading with full transparency and empathy, you’ll make it as painless and stress-free as it can possibly be.

    Sources: AARP, AAA and AASP 

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    How To Find the Right Car Seat from NHTSA

    Car seats and boosters provide protection for infants and children in a crash, yet car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. That’s why it’s so important to choose and use the right car seat correctly every time your child is in the car. Follow these important steps to choose the right seat, install it correctly, and keep your child safe.

    Car Seat Recommendations

    There are many car seat choices on the market. Use the information below to help you choose the type of car seat that best meets your child’s needs or print out NHTSA’s car seat recommendations for children .

    • Select a car seat based on your child’s age and size, then choose a seat that fits in your vehicle, and use it every time.
    • Always refer to your specific car seat manufacturer’s instructions (check height and weight limits) and read the vehicle owner’s manual on how to install the car seat using the seat belt or lower anchors and a tether, if available.
    • To maximize safety, keep your child in the car seat for as long as possible, as long as the child fits within the manufacturer’s height and weight requirements.
    • Keep your child in the back seat at least through age 12.


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    Properly adjusted car mirrors can save your life!

    We hear it all the time from upset customers in our auto body shops: “I never even saw that car in my blind spot!”
    You need to be able to see where you’re going in order to get there safely. Too often people drive with poorly adjusted side and rear-view mirrors and don’t realize how dangerous this is when merging or changing lanes. They do a quick check of the mirror, make the turn, and crash into a car that was coming up behind them, hidden in their blind spot.
    You can avoid this situation by learning how to completely eliminate blind spots with properly adjusted car mirrors. This technique, referred to as “BGE” or Blind Spot Glare Elimination, is a  procedure endorsed by many driver safety organizations.
    Click below to watch a short YouTube video about the proper method for adjusting your mirrors.
    “BGE” or Blind Spot Glare Elimination – Used Properly Can Save Your Life
    Once you know how, it will take you 30 seconds to adjust your mirrors properly and possibly save a life. This is especially important when you’re using a car you don’t normally drive, such as a family member’s car or a rental car.
    We can help you with any questions you have about auto body repair or painting; don’t hesitate to call us or visit www.UltimateAutoBody.com
    Here are our local shop phone numbers:
    Bedford Hills: 914.242.4600
    Mount Vernon: 914.667.8000
    Bronxville:  914.961.6000
    Peekskill: 914.737.3159
    Remember, we are dedicated to giving you a proper repair, in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.
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    We help you save time- Stop by for photo inspection of your car

    We perform New York State required photo inspection services.
    In New York, you are required to get a photo inspection of your car if you are applying for new collision and comprehensive insurance coverage or if your existing company has informed you that you need this inspection.
    The good news is that you can get this inspection done at three of our locations at ZERO cost to you and the whole thing should take less than 15 minutes.
    The inspection is designed to document the physical condition of your car, its options and accessories.
    It’s actually beneficial to you because its purpose is to help reduce the cost of auto insurance by accurately documenting your car and thousands of others, thereby reducing the possibility of fraudulent claims.
    Call one of our shops today for a photo inspection appointment:
    Bedford Hills: 914.242.4600
    Mount Vernon: 914.667.8000
    Peekskill: 914.737.3159
    Please bring any documents that were provided to you by your broker or insurance company regarding the inspection.
    Note that in New York, you only have a 14-day grace period from when your collision and comprehensive coverage is activated to get the photo inspection done, so give us a call as soon as possible.
    If we can help you with any questions you have about auto body repair or painting, don’t hesitate to call us or visit: www.UltimateAutoBody.com
    Remember, we are dedicated to giving you a proper repair, in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.
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    Happy Holiday Season!

    We want to wish you a very happy holiday season!   We know it’s a stressful time, so we want to  help you with your checklist.  Stop in for a cup of coffee and a $10 car wash.  You can check “get the car washed” off of your list.

    Call one of our shops today for an car wash appointment:
    Bedford Hills: 914.242.4600

    Mount Vernon: 914.667.8000

    Bronxville: 914.961.6000

    Peekskill: 914-737-3159

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