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  • Limited Sight Distance – Beware!

    You drive around a corner or you have a dip in the road and you think, “I hope there isn’t a car stuck in the road up ahead”. As a defensive driver you have to be aware of Limited Sight Distance or Available Sight Distance.  The definition for both is:  distance needed for drivers to see an object on the roadway ahead and bring their vehicles to safe stop before colliding with the object.


    Studies show  that an Available Sight Distance of less than 300 feet is where most accidents of that nature occur.  Mix the recent wet weather with leaves on the roadway and this distance shrinks. 300 feet is only .057 of a mile!!  Are you prepared for an obstacle in the road that close?  It might make youLSD think twice about tailgating.

    So do yourself and your loved ones a favor, think about this, remind yourself about this and pass it on.

    You can prevent limited sight distance from affecting you!

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