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Safety First: How to Avoid Winter Driving Perils

Given the build- up of snow and ice on the roads, I thought this would be a perfect time to share some helpful tips on how to avoid the most common (collision-causing) hazards in the winter. Here are the top 4 perils which, from my experience, have caused folks to need our collision repair services!…
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How can auto body improve your vehicles resale or trade in value?

Below are factors that affect car trade-in value and things you as a vehicle owner can do to make your car worth more when the time comes to sell. Personal upkeep is a huge factor in determining car trade-in value, and keeping your car in top-notch condition can be the difference between selling a car…
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Air Bags – What’s the Harm?

UAB recently helped a client involved in a head-on collision. The car's airbag had been deployed, causing the driver some injury but probably saving her life. The client looked like she had been beaten; her face was bruised from chin to forehead and most of the skin was scraped off the inside of her forearms.…
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Safety First: Safety Tips for Fall Driving

Along with beautifully colored autumn leaves, the Fall also brings changing road and weather conditions. Following our Fall Driving Safety Tips will keep you safe on the road: Watch out for leaves. Leaves often cover up painted markings on roads making it difficult to see lane demarcations. Likewise, leaves can cover up potholes and bumps in the…
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