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Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Use an Independent Auto Body Shop

Bottom line: They save money by steering the policyholder to their preferred shops.   In 2013 a Connecticut Superior Court judge slapped The Hartford Fire Insurance Company with $20 million in punitive damages from a decade-old, class-action lawsuit brought by the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) and several individual body shops.  This came on top…
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Safety First: “Step Away From the Car!”

Recently, I was at the gym with a friend when he received an emergency phone call from his wife telling him that she had just been involved in a car accident. She had been hit in the rear and was pulled over onto the side of the road. Because I have heard too many stories…
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Strange Car Smells Are A Warnings

Strange car smells are a Warning that something is wrong. When funky aromas emerge from a vehicle, initially look under the seats for fast food bags. If the inside of the car isn't the source of the odor, then start thinking about other parts of the vehicle and consider any mechanical troubles ahead. At Ultimate…
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Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman’s Life

Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman's Life When Her Car Fell 7 Stories From Inside a Parking Garage. Video of a car falling seven stories and then crashing into the ground makes it clear just how lucky the driver was to survive, and the dramatic footage hints at how the car may have helped…
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