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Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman’s Life

Safety Systems May Have Helped Save Woman's Life When Her Car Fell 7 Stories From Inside a Parking Garage.

Video of a car falling seven stories and then crashing into the ground makes it clear just how lucky the driver was to survive, and the dramatic footage hints at how the car may have helped protect her.

Austin, Texas, police released the video of the 2014 BMW 428i hardtop convertible plunging nose first, hitting the ground, clipping an SUV, and coming to rest upside down.

"Despite the unique circumstances of this crash, this driver likely benefited from years of automakers optimizing the cabin for frontal crash protection," says Jennifer Stockburger, director of operations at Consumer Reports. "The way she landed is really the extreme test of the frontal crash systems," Stockburger says. "This crash speaks to how robust vehicles are now, in terms of occupant protection."

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