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Avoid The 3 Main Causes of Car Accidents in the Fall

Avoid The 3 Main Causes of Car Accidents in the Fall

Fall Driving Hazards
Fall is one of the most hazardous driving seasons. The fall brings a spike in traffic as school resumes, and darker commutes as the days get shorter. There are several other hazards to be aware of when driving this fall.

Weather Conditions
The unpredictable weather conditions in the fall have a direct correlation to driving conditions. As the weather changes, there is an increase in fog. When driving through fog use your low beams to avoid glare, and also leave plenty of road space between your car and other vehicles.

A warm sunny afternoon can turn wet and rainy within minutes causing potentially hazardous road conditions. Roads are the slickest within the first ten minutes of a rain shower because rain and oil mix on road surfaces causing the pavement to become extremely slippery.

Fall Foliage
Fall foliage is also a significant hazard. Not only do leaves litter the ground and obscure traffic lines and potholes, they can also create other hidden dangers. Driving on wet leaves can be as treacherous as driving on ice. Wet leaves can cause you to lose traction and slide across the road just as easily as ice can. Therefore, be cautious when driving over leaves; keep a little distance between your vehicle and other cars so that you have sufficient reaction time.

Prevent fall related accidents by being aware of the potential driving hazards. And for help with car related questions or concerns, give me or my expert Collision Advisors a call.

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