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Safety First: How to Avoid Winter Driving Perils

Given the build- up of snow and ice on the roads, I thought this would be a perfect time to share some helpful tips on how to avoid the most common (collision-causing) hazards in the winter. Here are the top 4 perils which, from my experience, have caused folks to need our collision repair services!
1. Slow Down! Snow Accumulation can cause you to suddenly lose total control of your car by forcing it to spin out, unexpectedly, even while driving in a straight line!!!
2. Beware of High Crowned & Curvy Roads. These have often been the "hidden peril" contributing to many off-road collisions, even when road surfaces are dry.  So, just imagine the danger when you remove tire traction by introducing icy road conditions! The curve creates centrifugal force, which pushes your car sideways (off the road). Moreover, the sloped grade applies the force of gravity, simultaneously pulling your car downward (and again, off the road). The best defense against these forces is to simply slow down.
3. Avoid Tailgating. This is a totally unnecessary and avoidable risk and has brought many customers to our shops, even while traveling on dry road surfaces. So, when it comes to driving in snow and ice, be sure to be extra generous with the space you keep between your car and the car ahead of you!
4. Clean Your Windows! Snowy or icy windows & mirrors have always played a major role in creating poor visibility and plenty of work for our shops. Many people unwittingly take the risk of not thoroughly scraping all of their car's windows & mirrors, especially the rear glass. Backing into unseen objects is already the number one cause of collisions even in the best driving conditions. Don't allow haste or laziness to prevent you from having full visibility!
Sometimes accidents happen, no matter what. If you encounter the unavoidable, make us your first call. We're always here to serve you with excellence in your time of need! Don't forget our free towing service available to you and all your friends, family & loved ones. Just dial one of our shops.
This is important, send this article to your friends and family.   Stay Safe!

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